Skull wood coasters

Here is my wood slice coaster the candy skull version and little stars and lovely bright colors perfect for any coffee table.

free p&p on all my handmade items so the price is still the same when you get to checkout,and these can be brought in sets too.

 Candy skulls 

The symbolism of sugar skulls is in the name itself. While skulls might conjure an image of the grotesque, as well as fear of death, the word sugar contradicts that. A “sugar” skull implies that there’s a certain sweetness in death.

Death doesn’t have to be bitter and scary. It can also be sweet. Just like the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos, sugar skulls are about celebration and not sorrow. 

The sugar skulls are an offering to both the dead and the living. They’re left on altars to ancestors as a reminder that someone is thinking of them. They’re a form of appreciation. These skulls are also given to the living as a sign of thoughtfulness. Friends and family gift sugar skulls to their loved ones during the Day of the Dead as a way to show they care. 


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