The Beauty collection

So here is my Beauty collection consisting of everything to do with the beauty side of things so to kick start this collection it’s our handheld mirrors with moss,crystals and individual pieces on each mirror.

In tine there will be more added to this beauty collection on a weekly basis as many more makes are on there way im so excited to show you guys in the coming weeks.

The reason for this collection is because during the  pandemic COVID my creative make up business was unable to run and so not to be negative in any form I kept on my creativity and this is how Divinecurriosities was born so because of this I wanted to connect them together properly. 
 I use my jewelry in my photos for creative make up looks on social media as I have still made an effort to carry on what I enjoy. 

Watch this space as this collection grows I’m excited to be able to share it further than imagined. 

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